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NOTICE: Please note that warranties, pricing and instructions are subject to change at the sole discretion of Kraken RC, INC.

Kraken RC X3 and X2 Warranty Replacement Policy

Please Note: Warranty is non-transferable. Proof of original purchase receipt is required.

At Kraken RC, we engineered the X3  Chassis to be strong, durable and long lasting,  However, it doesn’t mean that it is 100% bullet proof, nothing is!  The Kraken RC X3 Chassis comes with a limited no questions asked warranty!  We will replace your damaged X3 Chassis up to 3 times per purchaser.  Please do not contact your dealer for replacement.  All replacements are provided by Kraken RC ONLY.  You must send us your damaged X3 Chassis, your original proof of purchase receipt and our warranty claim form below (completely filled out and signed).

Failure to provide any one of these will void your warranty.  The name of purchaser and warranty claim must be under the same name.  We strongly advise sending Kraken RC an emailed picture of your damaged chassis using our helpdesk system , your proof of purchase receipt and warranty claim before shipping to us.  Kraken RC is not responsible for lost shipments and will not replace the X3 Chassis if we do not receive it.  Kraken RC will not incur any cost to send the X3 Chassis to us. It is the purchaser’s responsibility for shipping to Kraken RC.  

Once we receive the damaged X3 Chassis, proof of purchase receipt and warranty claim form, we will ship a replacement X3 Chassis the following business day, no questions asked.  Kraken RC reserves the right to final judgment regarding all warranty claims.  Kraken RC reserves the right to change or modify warranty terms at any time. Please be advised that Kraken RC will only warranty a BROKEN X2/X3 chassis, please contact our support team at beforehand if you have any questions.

Note: X2 Chassis carries the same warranty as aforementioned.

>>  Download X3/X3 Chassis RMA Form Here

Kraken RC Suspension Arms Warranty Info (X2e and Standard Arms)

All arms by Kraken RC have been discontinued and warranty is no longer valid.


TSK-b and SX5 Warranty Info

Kraken RC Limited Warranty (USA)

Your Roll Cage Kit is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship when new. This warranty does not cover damages due to normal wear and tear, user error of assembly, installation, user modifications, additional aftermarket modifications to the Roll Cage. This warranty lasts as long as the original purchaser owns the product and is not transferable in the event of the defect under this warranty. Kraken RC will, at our discretion, repair or replace the product, provided our inspection indicates that an original defect exists. Kraken RC reserves the right to replace any product which is no longer available with a product of comparable value and function. If Kraken RC determines that the repair is not covered under warranty guidelines, there could be a charge applied for repair and return shipping charges. 

International Warranty 

International Customers Warranty
Please return product to your local dealer where the purchase was made. If your product was purchased online, any warranty issues must be taken care of by that retailer. Kraken RC assumes no responsibility for Kraken RC products sold internationally by online retailers.

CL1TSK Warranty Info

Original CL1TSK kits by Kraken RC has been discontinued and warranty is no longer valid.